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(5 left a piece for me +++take yourself apart)

[25 May 2005|08:16pm]

While you make pretty speeches,
I'm being cut to shreds.
You feed me to the lions,
a delicate balance

When this just feels like spinning plates.
I'm living in cloud cuckoo land.
And this just feels like spinning plates
Our bodies floating down the muddy river.

(1 left a piece for me +++take yourself apart)

Bollywood Brawl [04 May 2005|08:26pm]
Oh my,

Seems we've found ourselves together again,
Away from the world again,
our legs entwined on the floor again,
In a short sharp second of the people's passion

The living room is smashed to pieces,
Or is it us, we tore each other to pieces,
I sit and try to reconnect the pieces,
Of a lost lust, of a sweaty situation

Get up,
We can't go our seperate ways we'll still be here tomorrow
You know I'll never show my face because I smashed all my morals to bits

Oh my,
We can't just go our seperate ways we;ll still be here tomorrow,
I guess you're gonna have to leave or you'll be here tomorrow,
If I repent all of my sin will I be here tomorrow?
Althought there's blood across my walls I hope I'm here tomorrow

Where did you come from?
I'd like you to leave
The neighbours aren't happy
They don't like what they've seen.

(take yourself apart)

Your sort [04 May 2005|08:24pm]
You are the man who hunts me down,
you are the man with violence written on his brow,
but I'm a gentleman,
and gentlemen can not be beaten
so if you shut your mouth
and listen closely, the birds are crowing:
'it's never a good day to die!'

I dont want to leave
in case of something happening
in case of something happening
I'm a gentleman
I can sit a while
and still remain here with a smile

The last time someone like you came to town,
there was a fire and the whole fucking place burned down,
there was a flood and half of everybody was drowned,
there is a reason why there's no one here to answer your frown

You know if you go away
turn around and walk for a day
everybody will forget themselves and come out to play
we know in times like this
we dont have time for this
every time is the straw that breaks
the camel's back.

note: these are no longer the exact lyrics used but it's the original.

(2 left a piece for me +++take yourself apart)

[25 Apr 2005|07:55pm]

Every man for himself,

The sun is setting,

Silhouettes in the ditches, or am I imagining?

Empty the prisons, did you hear me?

Every man for himself,

Every credit is back and clean,

Your man is up to his neck in it.

The only way is up and out,

Did you hear me? Over and out.

(4 left a piece for me +++take yourself apart)

[15 Mar 2005|07:57pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just add me and message me, I'll delete you if I dont like you.

Sounds harsh, but if you know you're a twat, don't bother.

If you're wicked, go for it!

 Marc xx

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