hyperchondriac (hyperchondriac) wrote,

Bollywood Brawl

Oh my,

Seems we've found ourselves together again,
Away from the world again,
our legs entwined on the floor again,
In a short sharp second of the people's passion

The living room is smashed to pieces,
Or is it us, we tore each other to pieces,
I sit and try to reconnect the pieces,
Of a lost lust, of a sweaty situation

Get up,
We can't go our seperate ways we'll still be here tomorrow
You know I'll never show my face because I smashed all my morals to bits

Oh my,
We can't just go our seperate ways we;ll still be here tomorrow,
I guess you're gonna have to leave or you'll be here tomorrow,
If I repent all of my sin will I be here tomorrow?
Althought there's blood across my walls I hope I'm here tomorrow

Where did you come from?
I'd like you to leave
The neighbours aren't happy
They don't like what they've seen.
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